Kids of Steel® Program
Mission Statement

"To guide youth development in triathlon and related multi-sport events through delivery of a standardized program across Canada. The Kids of Steel® program will focus on the encouragement of healthy active living, lifelong participation, safety, fun, the building of skills, and involvement of Canada's youth." 

We want our Kids of Steel races to be as safe as possible. For this reason, please remove any extra equipment from children’s bikes, including kickstands, bull-horn style mountain bike handlebars, BMX axle posts, hard fenders, baskets, etc. for the race.” 

 The Kids of Steel® program provides opportunities for young people from the ages of 6 up to 15 to participate in a fun, challenging sport that combines swimming, cycling, and running. The Manitoba program embraces the National Kids of Steel® program goals and objectives (PDF).
Kids of Steel® Club Sanctioning Policy
KidSport is a national charity administered by Sport Manitoba that helps to remove barriers and assist less fortunate children to participate in sport.



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 It's not just a sport,
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