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By: Kevin Freedman - Oct. 03, 2013

Thank you everyone for an awesome season!

The 2013 race season has come to a close. We could not have had such a succesful season, our second largest by participation, without our amazing volunteers!
Triathlon Manitoba would like to recognize the following:
Officials who volunteered at at least three races:

Cathy Cortvriendt
Suzanne Macduff
Christopher Kitchen
Dina Drabyk
Nicole Grobowsky
Stevie Moore
Kate Okany
Rhonda Kitchen
Dawn Brooks
David Markham
Kelly Mahoney
Deb Hnatiw
Leo Savoie

Race Directors:

Mario Bento – Gord's Duathlon Series
Amanda Lieverse – Trifactor Family Duathlon
Nicole Chappellaz – Trifactor Family Duathlon
Kate Okany – Triple Threat Triathlon & Kids of Steel
Blake Wood – St Malo Triathlon
Chris Graham – St Malo Triathlon
JF Berard – St Malo Triathlon
Cherrie Fournier – St Malo Kids of Steel
Deb Weedon - Kenora Borealis Multi-Sport Triathlon & Duathlon
Kim Mahon - Kenora Borealis Multi-Sport Triathlon & Duathlon
Leanne Nause – Morden Triathlon & Kids of Steel
Jack Phillips – Carmen Kids of Steel
Brent Van Koughnet – Carmen Kids of Steel
Dwayne Olson – Sioux Narrows Paradise Triathlon
Ellis Crowston – Riding Mountain Triathlon
Deb Crowston – Riding mountain Triathlon
Chris Kitchen – Riding mountain Kids of Steel
Rhonda Kitchen – Riding mountain Kids of Steel
Mark Tinant – Pinawa Kids of Steel
Kyle Wilken – Pinawa Free Spirit Triathlon
Sharon Donnelly – Kids of Steel Windup
Kevin Freedman – Kids of steel Windup

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