Rules and Safety Tips
1. Swim Caps: A competitor must wear the swim cap provided by the race organization.

2. Helmets:
a) helmets are compulsory and must be certified to existing bicycle helmet standards and
b) chin straps must be fastened anytime the athlete is in possession of the bicycle. This means that before the bike is removed from the rack, the chin strap must be fastened and remain fastened until the bike is placed back on the racks.

3. Bicycles: Riding of bicycles in the transition zone is strictly prohibited at all times.

4. Assistance: Competitors may not receive assistance at any time during the race, or in the transition zone. (This excludes medical or safety assistance given by designated race volunteers or qualified staff.)

5. Drafting: Drafting of another competitor or motor vehicle is prohibited on the bike course. The draft zone surrounding each competitor measures 10 metres X 3 metres from the front edge of the front wheel. Competitors have 20 seconds to pass through this zone when overtaking another athlete.

6. Blocking: Cyclists should keep to the right at all times, unless passing. Alert fellow cyclists of your intention to pass by saying, "on your left".

7. Personal Musical Devices:  Personal musical devices of any sort cannot be used while racing.

8. Race Course: Competitors must follow the prescribed course route in all segments of the race as defined by the race organization.

9. Race Instructions: It is the Competitor's responsibility to read all supplied information given in the race kits, posted at the race site and listen to verbal announcements given by the Race Director and Race Officials.

10. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Verbal or physical abuse of officials and race volunteers is not acceptable or tolerated.

11. Torsos: All athletes must have their torsos covered on the bike and run portions of the event. Bib numbers must be visible on the bike and run courses.

Race Rules


The following six page document has many safety tips for triathletes:

Safety Tips (PDF)

Race organizers must complete a Sanctioning Application and submit it to Triathlon Manitoba. This ensures that all of our events are safe and well organized. Athletes may be interested to read the Sanctioning Application.

Sanctioning Application (PDF)

For further information see:

Disc Brakes for the 2016 Race Season:
Triathlon Manitoba’s Board of Directors held an emergency Board meeting on may 2 2016 to discuss the use of disc brakes on bikes for the 2016 Tri MB race season.

Following is the motion made and carried:

“In Triathlon Manitoba sanctioned events in 2016, with the exception of draft-legal competitions and events used to select members for Canadian teams or World Championships, disc brakes will be permitted.”

Should an athlete wish to participate at Nationals, Worlds, or an Int’l event, the ITU and Triathlon Canada rules prohibiting disc brakes will apply.



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